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Monday, August 6, 2012

One and one

Using the Medallion of Zulu and a piece of Tara’s clothes to turn himself into a copy of her turned out to be the easy part for Joe. The problem for him, of course, was that there were two Tara’s now running about, and he just couldn’t have that. He had hired someone to kidnap her and take her to a remote location. He was happy to see her body tied up in the back of the kidnapper’s trunk. He took a bag from his own car and gave Tara a stone-cold look. He was very careful as he pulled out the contents: the medallion and one of his old shirts. He placed the medallion around her neck and pressed the shirt to it. He watched as Tara’s body transformed into his own. He smiled. Now there would only be one Joe and one Tara. Without the medallion, she’d be stuck in his body. And she’d never find it as he dug a small hole in the desert and buried it.


  1. WOIW super good story & use of pic. I love tales where the wrong person is changed 'back!"