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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reading (Part 2)

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As Carol wandered off, John kept reading. He decided to re-read the spell that had caused them to swap bodies in the first place. He looked it over carefully and noticed a small piece that he had missed earlier. At first he hoped it was the reversal, but it turned out it was more like a disclaimer. It stated that there was no way to reverse the spell. It’s effect were permanent. John’s heart sank. He’d be stuck in Carol’s body forever! He couldn’t think of a worse situation. She had a reputation as a bit of an airhead and also a bit of easy. Then he realized what was worse: That slutty ditz was now in his body for good!


  1. He should like being a cute female!

  2. OUCH LOL! good useofpic &excellent continuation great use of pic