Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hard and stuff

Two months ago, Dr. Richard Tanner had been one of the top researchers at Harvard. That was before he invented a body swapping machine. He had used himself as one of the test subjects and swapped his brain into the body of a cocktail waitress. He was fascinated at first. The waitress asked to switch back, but Richard begged for just a day to study the effects. He awoke the next morning still eager to examine his work. But when he looked over the data from the night before, he had trouble with the equations. He thought that math was like really hard and stuff! He looked at the device, and even turning it on seemed beyond his mental capacity now! It was a sequence of wire plugging and flipping switches. He couldn’t believe anyone could ever remember the correct order, despite the fact that he knew he had done it the night before! It just seemed SO complicated now! But if he couldn’t figure it out, how would he ever switch back? He shrugged. Why concern himself with all this science junk when there was more important things in this world -- like getting his nails done and shoes! But that bitch would totally be back for her body tonight. He had to do something. So he made a break for it and set up a new life in a Nebraskan trailer park. Dr. Tanner was quite happy with his new life. He loved tossing drinks to drunks in the dive bar and showing off his assets for higher tips. It was totally the job he was completely qualified for!


  1. I'm not surprised he's happy, I would be too! Superb caption!!

  2. ROFLOL! I hope the new Doctor Tanner likes being abrilliant well paid scientist~! one of your best.