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Friday, August 10, 2012

Such a drag

“Could you guys be a little more careful?” Mike pleaded, “That is my body that you’re dragging after all!”

“And it’s heavy!” Tyler grunted, “How and what exactly happened anyway?”

“I told you that I’m not really sure. One minute I’m standing in the parking lot walking to my car, and the next I’m seeing my own body collapse from the other side of the garage. I look down, and I realize that I’m now in the body of some woman--this woman! I decided I needed to get my own body into my car for safe-keeping or something, but this body is pretty weak. I called you guys for help. I didn’t know what else to do!”


  1. I hope he knows how lucky he is ending up in that body ;)

  2. Good story & inspired use ofpic, Pretty guible friends to believe a woman telling them she their buddy even thoughin this case its true.