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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Secrets (Part 1)

Lina and Jack had been friends for longer than either of them could remember. They had grown close over the years that during sophomore year at college, Jack felt comfortable enough to tell Lina his biggest secret: He was gay. Lina rolled her eyes; she had always suspected. But he stopped her. It was more than that. He also secretly longed to crossdress. In fact, he wished he was a woman. Lina was silent. Jack worried how she took the news. But, in fact, she had a confession of her own. She was a witch, and she knew a body-swapping spell. Jack’s eyes lit up. Lina sighed. She agreed to switch bodies with him for a few days...just so he could know what it felt like to be a woman. A few moments later the spell was cast and the two bodies collapsed. A few hours later, Jack awoke and realized he now had Lina’s body. Lina was feeling slightly more uncomfortable, but took solace in the fact that it was only temporary. When she ran into Jack a few hours later, she became horrified. What the hell had he dressed her body up in? He told her it was from his secret stash of women’s clothing. If he was going to be in a woman’s body, he wanted to dress like the woman of his dreams. Lina was flustered. She wanted him to change; she wanted her body back. Jack looked at her deep in the eyes and said, “No.”

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  1. Excellent story! very welldoneindeed plot. Not much of a friend. PLS continue