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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Rodney had been vacationing in a remote country in eastern Asia. He was relaxing and enjoying his time, but it was almost over. On Monday, he’d have to return to work. He wished he didn’t. He wished he never had to leave! He wished he never had to work again! Then a strange flash of light, and he found himself in an ornate room. He tried to stand but was stopped by a man who insisted that the princess not do any work. If she wanted to get someone, he would carry her. Princess? Her? Then he looked down with a shock. He had somehow swapped bodies with the land’s princess! He wasn’t allowed to lift a finger! And apparently, he wasn’t even allowed to stand on his own two feet!


  1. Damn, he can't even check himself out, lol.

  2. LOL! Great sto9ry ( beware what you wishfor) & very good use ofpic.OYs obvious he has her lanuage skills. Very clever -- Iwonder if she likes being him?