Saturday, August 11, 2012

Angry (Part 1)

Michelle laughed. She could hardly believe her plan had actually worked. She had tricky Clark to use a magic spell to switch bodies with her. Now she was in his body, and he was in hers! It was a dream come true for her; she had always dreamed of being a man. Social pressure had made her act and dress feminine for many years, but now she was free to do as she pleased! Meanwhile, Clark inside of Michelle’s body simply looked angry.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Twists and turns

Brian couldn’t believe the twists and turns that his life over the past few weeks. He started off, well, as him, an average guy working an average job. Things got weird when he switched bodies with an overweight and underpaid taxi driver. But it didn’t stop there. He eventually switched bodies with one of his fares, a woman who was anything but average, anything but overweight, and anything but underpaid. Out of the three bodies, he had to admit that this one was the best. The whole time he had no idea that the whole thing was a result of the taxi cab.

Such a drag

“Could you guys be a little more careful?” Mike pleaded, “That is my body that you’re dragging after all!”

“And it’s heavy!” Tyler grunted, “How and what exactly happened anyway?”

“I told you that I’m not really sure. One minute I’m standing in the parking lot walking to my car, and the next I’m seeing my own body collapse from the other side of the garage. I look down, and I realize that I’m now in the body of some woman--this woman! I decided I needed to get my own body into my car for safe-keeping or something, but this body is pretty weak. I called you guys for help. I didn’t know what else to do!”

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Maybe later

Rufus had been excited about his visit to Exchange Island for months; he was even more thrilled when he wound up switching with a woman for the duration of the trip. He knew others that visited multiple times and never got the opportunity to be the other gender. However, he wasn’t quite ready to go running around the resort in a bikini yet. He felt overdressed being fully clothed on the beach, but he just wasn’t ready to show off yet. Maybe tomorrow or maybe later in the week he would, but not right now.

Testing firm (Part 1)

For the past decade, Kris had worked at a firm testing new technology. Today he had to wear a strange tight silver suit made of nanobots that were capable of morphing the human body. Though he’d be wearing it, he’d have no control over it. The testers in another room would make all the changes to his body. For a while nothing happened; he didn’t think anything of it. Many new technologies didn’t work on the first test. But then it quickly encased his body and retracted almost as quickly. It had been that fast, but the changes were significant. He had gone from being an average man to a woman that oozed sex from every pore in an instant! He was impressed, but he hoped they would finish up the test quickly, as his new body was making him quite uncomfortable.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Waiting room

Louis woke up in a state of confusion. He wondered if his mind was playing tricks on him. When he looked down, he appeared to have a woman’s body! What had happened overnight? He tried not to panic. He fug through some clothes an ex-girlfriend had left behind long ago, put them on, and made his way to the hospital. He really didn’t know where else to go. He explained to the receptionist that he had woken up as a woman and took a seat in the waiting room. After a while a doctor started walking in his direction with a security guard. The guy wasn’t a general practitioner, he was a psychiatrist. They must have thought he was crazy! But he wasn’t crazy, was he? He really was a man, wasn’t he?


Rodney had been vacationing in a remote country in eastern Asia. He was relaxing and enjoying his time, but it was almost over. On Monday, he’d have to return to work. He wished he didn’t. He wished he never had to leave! He wished he never had to work again! Then a strange flash of light, and he found himself in an ornate room. He tried to stand but was stopped by a man who insisted that the princess not do any work. If she wanted to get someone, he would carry her. Princess? Her? Then he looked down with a shock. He had somehow swapped bodies with the land’s princess! He wasn’t allowed to lift a finger! And apparently, he wasn’t even allowed to stand on his own two feet!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A pass

Chad Garrison was the quarterback for the high school football team, which meant most teachers had pretty much given him a pass for his final semester of senior year. Everyone except for Mrs. Wood, that is. As his English teacher, she begged him to work hard and pressured him to at least read a book. He grabbed one at random from the library and sarcastically started reading from it in front of her. It was in Latin or something, because the words made no sense to him. Mrs. Wood was about to give Chad detention when the book started to glow. It expanded outward to zap both teacher and student. Both were astonished by what the book had done; it had swapped their bodies. Chad began flipping through the pages madly, looking for something that would swap them back. There was no way he could do Mrs. Wood’s job as an English teacher, and he knew she wouldn’t be able to play tonight in the big game!


Mitch breathed heavily. The spell was physically exhausting, but it was worth it. He had stolen Pamela’s body, and it felt good. She had always looked so sexy in her boots, but now he was the one looking sexy. He was sure the heavy breathing made his new body appear even sexier.

Monday, August 6, 2012

One and one

Using the Medallion of Zulu and a piece of Tara’s clothes to turn himself into a copy of her turned out to be the easy part for Joe. The problem for him, of course, was that there were two Tara’s now running about, and he just couldn’t have that. He had hired someone to kidnap her and take her to a remote location. He was happy to see her body tied up in the back of the kidnapper’s trunk. He took a bag from his own car and gave Tara a stone-cold look. He was very careful as he pulled out the contents: the medallion and one of his old shirts. He placed the medallion around her neck and pressed the shirt to it. He watched as Tara’s body transformed into his own. He smiled. Now there would only be one Joe and one Tara. Without the medallion, she’d be stuck in his body. And she’d never find it as he dug a small hole in the desert and buried it.

Dinner (Part 1)

When his dinner wasn’t ready when he came home, Andrew would throw a fit, screaming at his wife, Amanda. Finally, she had enough. She worked too, and she couldn’t stand this sort of treatment. A quick internet search and a few magic words later, and Andrew was shocked to find himself in the kitchen inside Amanda's body. Meanwhile, Amanda just looked him down and told him that he’d better get started on dinner.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Reading (Part 1)

“So have you found anything in those books of yours about reversing this body swap?” Carol asked John.

“Nothing yet.” John responded, “You know you could help. There might be something in one of these other books.”

“Reading is like so boring. It makes you look like a total nerd.”

“Actually, Carol, as long as I’m in your body, me reading all these books is making YOU look like a nerd.”