Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pick (Part 2)

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As the group of young adults rode in Gary’s taxi, he was sizing them up and making a decision. He narrowed it down to the woman in the leather jacket and the one with the red shorts. He caught their names--Caroline and Angie, respectively--but he didn’t make up his mind until the very last second. As the group piled out, he smiled and wished Angie a nice day. The magic of the taxi then took hold, and soon Gary was now in her body. He felt the nylons now on his legs, the tight red shorts, and long flowing hair. He continued to smile as he caught a glimpse of horror in the cab driver’s face. He felt bad for a moment, but he was confident that Angie would find a good new body for herself, but now it was time for him to enjoy her former life--his new life!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Electrical wiring

Clyde had been hired to rig electrical wiring for some movie trailers. He opened up the panel on the side and saw circuitry like he had never seen. Even before connecting to any sort of power supply, colorful sparks few out controls. They seemed to act like magic as they bolted up his arm. They tingled. He was worried when he passed out. He awoke some time later. His only conclusion was that the sparks had indeed been magic. There was no other way to explain the fact that he now in the body of the lead actress. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do. He only knew wiring; he knew nothing about acting!

The prude (Part 2)

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All day long, Ryan grew curious about checking out Dr. Wong’s body now that he was the one inside of it, but he knew anything he’d want to do would be inappropriate at work. He was just about ready to explode by the time he got home--actually, he went to Dr. Wong’s home, so he’d have clothes to wear the following morning. Within moments, he started slipping off everything, starting with the lab coat. He let it slowly drop to the floor before placing it on a nearby chair. He was going to do this nice and slow, enjoying every minute.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pink dress (Part 3)

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Trevor slowly moved his new feminine hands up the front of the dress. He knew what he’d find, and sure, he had already seen them, but still getting his hands on the two round orbs of flesh confirmed everything else his mind was telling him beyond any shadow of a doubt. Plus, as an added bonus, it felt really, really good.

Reading (Part 2)

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As Carol wandered off, John kept reading. He decided to re-read the spell that had caused them to swap bodies in the first place. He looked it over carefully and noticed a small piece that he had missed earlier. At first he hoped it was the reversal, but it turned out it was more like a disclaimer. It stated that there was no way to reverse the spell. It’s effect were permanent. John’s heart sank. He’d be stuck in Carol’s body forever! He couldn’t think of a worse situation. She had a reputation as a bit of an airhead and also a bit of easy. Then he realized what was worse: That slutty ditz was now in his body for good!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Period of adjustment

When Ryan had his body stolen by the driver of the magic taxi, adjusting to a new life was easy. Inside the cabbie’s body, it almost felt like he was on auto-pilot. Most of the time he spent sleeping, eating, or driving around. Then it came time for him to steal a body just as the former driver had stolen his. He picked a young woman named Rachel. Adjusting to her life just didn’t seem nearly as easy. He considered that whatever magic surrounding the cab had helped him while in the driver’s body. Now that was gone, and he also had to deal with the fact that he was now a woman. There was certainly a period of adjustment to being a new gender. There were plenty of things about it that he hadn’t considered -- having to buy makeup and tampons, for instance. The wardrobe also took some getting used to; he wasn’t sure he’d ever get used to wearing frilly underwear, for instance. Still, overall, he felt like he was doing all right.

One chance (Part 3)

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Michael didn’t quite know what to do next. By picking someone who was a stranger to him, he realized he didn’t know anything about who he was now. He didn’t know where this woman lived, what she did for work, or even what her name was. He’d have to figure it all out. She didn’t have much on her, so this might prove to be a very difficult task!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Ivan’s smile practically went from ear to ear. He had been smiling every day since the Great Shift. Before the world-wide body swapping event, he had little reason to smile. Years earlier, he had a been in a horrible car crash that left him a cripple. Now with a new body, he was free to enjoy the full use of legs once more. He spent the days doing the things had missed the most since the accident. Today he was in the pool for a swim.

Winter games (Part 4)

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It had been four long, difficult years of hard work and training, but he was back at the Olympics. This time he was prepared for the events he was competing in. However, his greatest thrill was who he was able to share the honor of competing with, the woman whose body he had gotten in the Great Shift. She had put in twice as much work training her body as he did, twice as much effort. Though he would give his performance his all, he was secretly hoping she’d be the one to pull off a victory.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Off guard

Carol had hoped to catch Saul off his guard by stealing his body. She hoped to make a clean getaway. However, Saul was quick to react and soon knocked Carol in his body unconscious. But what was he going to do now? He had no idea how Carol had switched bodies with him, so he was still stuck in her body for the time being. All he could do was hope to come up with a plan to force her to switch back before she woke up.

Alien adventure (Part 23)

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Jasmine arrived on the planet surface. The first thing she did was try to communicate back to the alien ship using her headset. No luck. She must have been out of range. She looked around at the strange alien landscape. It seemed so unfamiliar to her. However, Jasmine didn’t realize she had been teleported back to Earth, only a few miles from her house. The memory of the rocky red hills were just one of the memories that had been taken from her by the Xylians.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Track meet (Part 2)

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Ty’s track career came to a halt that day. Susan’s body just wasn’t athletic at all. He wasn’t as smart as Susan either. He came in last place. Without a track scholarship and without the smarts, he probably wouldn’t be at college that much longer. At least he was cute, right? He had that going for him. It wasn’t much, but he hoped it could get him by in the world. He had nothing else going for him anymore.