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Monday, August 26, 2013

Aftershocks (Part 3)

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A few days later, Thomas added a little more to his blog about his latest body:

“So I guess the routine now for each new body is going to involve a lot of paperwork with the feds. None of it’s terribly hard, but it does kill an entire day. The good part about is that you learn all about the swap that just took place. Basic run-down? The latest was a three-way between this woman, myself, and a man. The man is now in the Asian businesswoman’s body that I had just been in; the woman I now am is now in the man’s body. Apparently, I had been the only person not in close proximity, as the woman and I met while filling out paperwork. I was also the only one who had experienced an Aftershock before.

“The feds also told us they have no estimation on when they espect Aftershocks to stop. In fact, according to their data, it’s actually gotten a little worse.

”On a light note, she did my makeup, but I think she may have overdone it! I’m certainly not a makeup least not yet. I’m sure I’ll be in enough women’s bodies over time that I’ll get pretty good at it.”

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