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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Owe you one (Part 1)

TG Caption altered fates
“You know that I’m only doing this because you’re my sister, and I owe you one, right?” Benjamin asked his sister.

“I know, but you are the best brother in the world! Besides, you know mom was being totally unfair when she sent me to this boarding school. They don’t give us ANY freedom. I just need one afternoon away from here, but they watch us like a hawk.” Tiffany told her brother, “That’s why I have this!”

She pulled out a small medallion and an outfit of clothing that matched her own. She placed the medallion around her brother’s neck and touched the clothing to him. Within moments, he had turned into an exact copy of his sister. He changed into the spare outfit and stashed his own clothes away.

“It’s so weird,” Tiffany said, “Like looking in a mirror!”

“If you think it’s weird for you, just imagine how I feel!” Benjamin replied.

“Well, I better get going. Someone will probably be around soon, and I have no idea how to explain how there’s two of me here!”

“But what should I do while I’m here as you for the afternoon?”

“Just sort of hang out. I don’t have any classes today, so that’s no worries. I know it will probably be boring, but I have to go through this every day! I can’t thank you enough for the break!”

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  1. LOL!< very clever Iwonder what she is up too? I have a suspcion that she will become Ben will become her trapped in the police state like school & she will become Ben