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Monday, August 12, 2013


Friday had been a huge success at the research lab. Jim and his team had been very successful with their genetic manipulation tests. While previous researchers had long perfected modifying genes from one generation to the next, Jim’s team had figured out how to alter the DNA of full grown adult humans! Each member of the team had a small tweak of their genetic code altered, whether it be brown eyes turned to blue or short folks turned tall. Jim had been a bit more adventurous, having his Y chromosome turned into an X. In theory, a simply change in one’s DNA wouldn’t alter the physical body immediately, but Jim’s team had cracked that challenge, meaning the changed chromosome turned Jim into a woman almost instantly. He had an enjoyable weekend with his new body, getting hair extensions, buying sexy clothes, and so on. But the fun was scheduled to come to an end on Monday when the team was supposed the reverse the process. However, while many had no problem undoing their changes, Jim’s body seemed resistant. He just wasn’t changing back to his old self! The rest of the team began to run tests on him. He sat down in a chair for one of their advanced scans. They couldn’t figure out a single reason why they couldn’t get his double X chromosome to go back to being XY. They were all eager to work on figuring out the problem, but it would certainly mean a long delay before the modification technology could be made available to the public.

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