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Monday, August 26, 2013

The cube

What was his name again? Kevin? Aiden? Something like that. He was pretty sure he was a he, despite his current body -- then again, maybe he was originally a she; it had been so long that it was hard to remember. The professor had captured him so long ago that he didn’t even remember the details. But he could clearly remember the procedure of what the professor did each and every time. He’d wake up in his cube with his body in a form suiting the professor’s need. Last time, he had woken as a burly lumberjack to chop down some trees. After his task was done, he’d return to stasis in his cube. The pattern would repeat, and each time he’d wake up in a different body. Judging from his current form, he could only guess what the professor’s “needs” were right now; he was pretty sure this wasn’t going to be a pleasant time. He could vaguely recall the last time he was in a sexy female body, which was shortly after the professor had enhanced the properties of Viagra to last extra long. He was sure it was going to be something like that again. He sighed as he got out of his cube to tend to the professor’s needs.

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