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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Front lines (Part 1)

The Great Shift
Private Lance Adams had been on the ground for far too long. He was hoping to finally get home from the war, but his tour of duty was extended again. He was looking for some way out of it, some way to get home, and it seemed fate would step in to do him a favor. The troops certainly weren’t immune from the effects of The Great Shift, and Private Adams realized his swap could not have been luckier. He switched bodies with a television reporter just as she was boarding a plane to go home. “Score!” He shouted under his breath. Sure, he was a woman now, but he was also going home! There was lots of luck there! After all, once he realized that everyone had swapped, he figured it would’ve been equally possible for him to swap with one of his fellow soldiers, with one of the native people of this poor country, or even with one of the combatants he had been fighting!


  1. I'd be happy with the looks of that swap under any circumstance!!! Nice cap!!!

  2. Wow, I never considered the impact of the GS on our troops in Afghanistan! Very interesting CAP.