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Friday, August 9, 2013


Dr. Gustuv Lee was excited to be part of the team of researchers working on a device that could change the world. If perfected, it could potentially warp space and time. It would make travel to distant planets possible; it could end world hunger. Today, Gustuv had to remove the device’s core to examine its stability. The results turned out to be a little bit unsettling. If he didn’t return the core back to the machine as soon as possible, he risked space warping in ways that were quite unpredictable. As he rushed back with the core in his hand, he suddenly felt the need to slow down. He turned an pivoted on his heel before walking back the other way with a wave of flashes going off. The core was beginning to warp reality. Gustuv was now in the body of some sort of fashion model, and he apparently walked down a runway that was now in the middle of the lab! He needed to get the core back to the device before any other changes occurred!

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