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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


TG Caption marital swap
Ryan paused to look at the jewelry on sale in the window display at the mall. He was so tempted to buy a necklace or maybe some earrings, but he had to stop himself. It wasn’t that he couldn’t afford it, he just could tell that he was mentally slipping. He didn’t think there would be much harm when his latest invention switched the brains of him and him wife, but as he made the repairs to get them back in his own body, he often found his mind wandering to things more his wife’s liking than his own. For instance, he found himself distracted by celebrity gossip just yesterday, and then this morning, it had been his wife who picked up the wrench and started working to fix the machine. He wondered how she had any idea what she was doing...but he soon realized he didn’t! He felt worthless, but his wife had soon asked for him to get a part at the mall. Ryan used to run in and run out of the mall, but this time he lingered. For several hours, he just window shopped. It wasn’t until the jewelry that he finally caught himself, but by that point, he had been at the mall almost the entire day!

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