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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Detention (Part 4)

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TG body Swap
As the kids filed out of class, Luke hopped Miss Chang’s butt onto a desk for Principal Houser’s lecture. But instead, Mr. Houser actually laid praise on Luke’s lecture, calling it challenging to the overachievers and encouraging to the underachievers. Luke was floored. He wanted to get Miss Chang fired, not boost her up. He decided it was time for extreme measures.

He graciously accepted the praise while uncrossing his legs in order to flash Mr. Houser. Luke decided he would seduce the principal. Such behavior would certainly get Miss Chang fired. Mr. Houser was married and known for being rather outspoken again infidelity in the town. He thought the mere suggestion would be enough, but Luke was shocked when he felt a pair of wet, mustached lips press up against his own.

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  1. lol! ooops! I wonder how he will get out of this? PLS continue & what is the teacher doing as him I wonder?