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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sabotage (Part 3)

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TG Body Swap
Dominic left the building and returned to Mei’s apartment. He took off her jacket. He kept taking on and off her glasses, because while they were pinching his nose on one hand, he couldn’t see well without them on the other! The apartment was sparsely decorated, and from what he could tell, Mei’s life seemed pretty boring. She was pretty dedicated to her job, and there didn’t seem to be any indication of a social life. He hoped she had a lot of money saved up as a result! As since he was stuck with her body, her life, and no job, he’d need any savings she had! He’d start looking for new work as soon as possible, and he decided the first thing he’d buy when he got one was some LASIK surgery. These glasses were a pain!

1 comment:

  1. Very good story. It serves him righ I suppose. Nw he;s really stouck I winder if SHE has a BF? OUCH! The bit about Lasik surgery was a hoot & a nice touch