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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Panda! (Part 1)

With the endangered pandas numbers dwindling, there were many desperate for just about any idea that would work. As a conservation biologist, Maggie Xiao was willing to do anything to save the species. It was her chance encounter with Dr. Irving Rothstein at a conference that would provide her with a unique opportunity to do just that. Irving had been working on a body swapping device, dropping a mention of it with Maggie in casual conversation. She could see the potential immediately. She asked Irving for his help.

The plan was nothing short of insane. She would allow herself to be swapped with one of the male pandas. Over the course of a few hours, she’d mate as much as possible. Irving would be in charge of looking after the panda while it was in her body. He was reluctant -- his device was still in the testing stage -- but he was a sucker for Maggie’s beauty and went along with the plan without much persuasion.

Maggie and Irving didn’t tell anyone about the plan, knowing how crazy it sounded and how much trouble they might get into, but the first part seemed to go off without a hitch. Irving paid close attention to the panda now inside Maggie’s body. It seemed quite confused. It seemed quite fascinated by the lack of fur on Maggie’s skin and her facial structure. It kept poking its own nose, presumably trying to figure out what had happened.


  1. I love animal swaps! I can't wait to see what else the panda gets up to in that beautiful body!!

  2. WOW WIld and LOL I hope poor Maggie likes being a Panda! I image he oves being human. PLS continue

  3. Now this is funny! I wonder if Maggie will be successful? Will she want to be a girl again after all of this is done?