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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chinese New Year

TG Body Swap Age Cultural Change
Liu Si coughed as he prepared the ingredients for his potion on the floor of his apartment. His vision had gone a few years ago, but he was still able to sense lights going on and off. His hearing was still good as well, and there were plenty of sounds to be heard outside tonight for Chinese New Year. The potion would only work on this day of the year, and the old man knew it would probably be his last New Year if he didn’t get the potion just right. As he finished it up, he took a deep breath. The potion promised immortality, and he knew it worked. Sixty years ago, it was how he got the body he currently possessed. Tonight he’d take another sip and go through life a third time. The clock struck midnight, and the time for thinking was over. He downed the potion; his body went limp. The next thing Liu Si knew, he was down the commotion of the square. His vision had returned. This was the first clear sign that the potion had worked, and he was once again stolen a young body. Then a strand of long blonde hair flew in his face. At first, he thought it was a passer-by in the crowd, but he soon realized it was his own. He must have swapped with a tourist. It was a little shocking; Liu Si never expected that the potion would swap his soul into the body of a woman, especially one that wasn’t Chinese! He had no choice. The potion wouldn’t work again until he advanced into the later years of age. He was stuck with this body!

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