Saturday, April 13, 2013

Swappers Club (Part 3)

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As the valet pulled up, Wayne decided  to just open the paperwork. An address was listed that was for a mansion at the end of town. Apparently, the body he was now in inherited a lot of money when her husband’s body died. He had been a member of the Swappers Club for years, but this was her first time. Judging from her youth and beauty, Wayne guessed this woman was a bit of a golddigger. She also lived all alone in that mansion, which meant that Wayne had quite a bit of privacy when he arrived. What started as relaxing on the couch soon devolved into a full exploration of his borrowed body.

Friday, April 12, 2013


TG Body Swap
When Owen VanSutter landed on Exchange Island, he was shocked at the new body he was in. He started fidgeting with the yellow bikini and the large breasts it contained.

“What the heck’s going on here!?” He demanded to know.

“Are you surprised?” The resort greeter asked, “You are well aware of this island’s magic body swapping ability, right?”

“Of course! But I didn’t expect to swap with a woman?”

“What a strange expectation, Mr. VanSutter! After all, half our guests are women! And knowing the swaps are random, you should have figured there would be a 50% chance to switch bodies with one for your time here!”

“I figured you guys had some sort of failsafe...”

“When we say random; we mean random!”

Late (Part 1)

Nathan was starting to think he had been stood up. He had been waiting for the date he met online to show up for the passed 30 minutes now. She seemed like a no show. He started cursing women and dating when a strange blue light passed over him. It felt like his mind skipped for a moment. He couldn’t remember who he was waiting for anymore. Had he been waiting? No, he had just gotten here! He was meeting a date but was also running about a half hour late. There was no sign of anyone else. His date must have gotten impatient and left. Nathan cursed at men; they could be so impatient! Nathan suddenly stopped; something didn’t seem right about that. It took him longer to realize the fact that he was now inside the body of a woman. The Role Exchanger had been very selective when affecting Nathan, leaving him with just a hint that the blue light might be responsible for this whole mess.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pink bag (Part 2)

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TG Body Swap
Conner met back up with Francine later, but he just continued his plan. When she asked about the medallion, he played dumb. She told him about how it switched their bodies, how he promised to switch them back, and about the pink bag.

Conner just put his hands on his hips.

“Magic medallion? Body swapping? Have you gone crazy, Conner?” He asked her, “And I certainly haven’t seen any pink bag. Perhaps you need some rest. You clearly aren’t feeling well.”

Of course, Conner knew exactly what she was talking about. He knew what happened to the pink bag and the medallion. If he recalled correctly, it was in a dumpster on 8th Street.

His plan (Part 3)

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Rodney packed the device into a suitcase for the next part of his plan. It was a little heavier than he anticipated. Then again, he realized it wasn’t actually heavier, it was just that Jenn’s body wasn’t as strong as his own was. Not that it really mattered, he could still manage. He just needed to get to some place where there would be a good number of people.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Changing clothes

Carl was seriously freaking out. His clothes were changing rapidly before his eyes. His t-shirt had shrunken into a much smaller top and his boxer shorts were turning into panties. Of course, the changes to his clothes were nothing compared to the changes of his body. His hair had grown out; his chest expanded. His stomach had become flat and toned, and he had taken on a much curvier shape. From the looks of his underwear, he was missing his favorite appendage as well now. What was going on here?

Birthday wish (Part 2)

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Justin awoke to the shock of finding himself in a new body. He vaguely remembered the wish from the night before, but he never would’ve believe it could ever come true. He had switched bodies with a woman, who he guessed had a birthday of her own yesterday, judging from the room that surrounded him. His immediate reaction was to reach for the phone and call his own cell. it rang and rang, but his body didn’t answer.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The wrong woman

TG Body Swap
Saul was really beginning to regret what he had done. He had cast a magical spell to steal Tiffany’s body about three months ago. At first, it was fun. He enjoying transforming the preppy woman’s body into a bit of a punk. Blond hair was dyed black, and he completely changed her fashion sense. However, it felt like something about her body was fighting it. He often found that being in a woman’s body made him want to act more feminine. While he enjoyed being a female, he had no desire to be all girlie. He wondered if this whole body swap was a mistake. Maybe he just picked the wrong woman.

Talent (Part 4)

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Larry’s attempts at dancing were just as much a failure as his attempts at musical attempts had been. A quick jump in the air, and he fell flat on his ass. He was drop dead gorgeous now, but with absolutely no talent, how could he possibly be a famous musician? But, wait, maybe he had other options. Acting, perhaps? He sighed as he realized what he had become. It’s not that he had become a woman, but that he had become a person so desperate for fame. He had always done music because he enjoyed it, not to be famous -- though he always had hoped to be famous. He couldn’t believe how he strayed.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Bridal shop (Part 3)

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Victor shot a shy smile back to his former body. The woman now in his body gave one back with a quick joke.

“I’ve always felt like a gay man trapped in a woman’s body,” She laughed.

Victor laughed back. He knew the feeling. He had always felt like a woman trapped in the body of a gay man, but this body swap had seemed to set things right for both of them.

...And now he was excited to be the one trying on wedding dresses for a change!

Average day (Part 3)

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Joe made it outside, but he lost track of his body. He cursed, but then a phone rang in his new body’s jacket pocket. He answered, “Hello?”

“Stop trying to follow me.” The voice was Joe’s own, “I’d say you lucked out pretty well in that bodyswap considering the number of elderly walking around the mall for exercise. Be happy with your new body; trust me, it could have been worse. If you continue to tail me, it will happen again, and it WILL be worse.”

Then the line went dead. Joe realized he didn’t have a choice. He’d have to live this woman’s life now whether he wanted to or not.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

What are the chances....

It had been over a year since Phil had been in a taxi...considering what happened last time. A year ago Phil had taken a cab that just happened to be magic. The cab driver stole his body, cursing him to take his place. But the curse could be continued. Phil could steal a body himself, forcing someone else into the cabbie’s body. He eventually settled on a young woman. He had felt bad about it at first, but that was ancient history now. He didn’t take another cab for a while, but he figured what were his chances of running into that driver again?