Saturday, April 20, 2013

Band practice

Sam had been playing in various bands with his best friend Peter for years. In recent weeks, however, things had gotten a little bit shaky between the two. Peter had gotten a new girlfriend, Libby, and had been bailing on band practice. Sam wasn’t going to take this threat stand. Using a simple magic spell, he swapped himself into Libby’s body. Now in her body, Sam was ready to resume band practice with Peter. He grabbed his guitar and put on an outfit way hotter than anything Libby would ever wear. But Peter was not happy about the swap. He loved Libby -- body AND mind. The idea of his best friend inside her body was just weird. The band would break up, but the spell turned out to be irreversible. Sam would be stuck in Libby’s body!

Friday, April 19, 2013

7 days (Part 7)

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TG bodyswap bodyswitcher caption
Dwight arrived the following day with the same aura of impatience he had the day before. At least this time he had something to look forward to; he was getting his first payment for this crazy experiment! He had showed up with his hands on his hips, expecting the money right away, but the scientists explained they would have to run through their daily examination and questioning first. Dwight sighed; it was the same boring stuff. However, even though he could barely pay attention to all the science stuff, he still remembered that just days ago, he would have found it all so fascinating. He casually mentioned it, and the researchers scribbled frantic notes. They asked him if he thought he could turn that memory into actual feeling. He was a little confused at what that meant. It seemed way too complicated.

The statue (Part 1)

Ari had been to the park a hundred times before, and he never remembered a statue being here. It had been a statue of a woman a moment ago, but it turned into the statue of a man. Then again, Ari had been a man a moment ago, and as the statue slowly changed from woman to man, Ari changed from man to woman. He had cried when it first happened, but those tears quickly changed to laughter. What was there to really be upset about? He hadn’t a particularly great life as a guy. He was sure that being a woman HAD to be better.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


TG Body swap
Superman was sure this had to be the work of Mister Mxyzptlk. After all, he could think of no other foe capable of swapping the bodies of everyone in Metropolis. He had been working at the Daily Planet as his secret identity of Clark Kent when it happened, and he soon found himself in the body of Lois Lane. It didn’t take him long to realize that in her human body, he no longer had his own super powers. He kept hoping Mxyzptlk would reveal himself before Lois in his body learned of his secret. As the day passed, he got more and more nervous. His heart raced once he returned to Lois’s apartment for the night. He was sure she would figure out his secret before morning, and of course he had to deal with the nightly routine of being her. He had quite the crush on her, and dong things like changing clothes and showering felt like such a violation. As he undressed and found a Superman t-shirt under her business suit, he started to become convinced that Lois might have a crush on him as well. Too bad it was the super hero version of him and not the Clark Kent one!

The accident (Part 3)

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After a twenty minute walk, Chuck was back in town. It was clear now that the Great Shift was truly great, affecting everyone in the world. With one mystery solved, Chuck was wondering what to do next. There were no pockets on the skimpy outfit this body wore; he hadn’t seen a purse in the car. His own keys were stuck with his body--whereever his own body was now. Then again, he was sure people would be generous and welcoming in this time of crisis...right?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's a snap! (Part 1)

TG Caption
Miguel really didn’t believe it when his parents told him on his 18th birthday. Their family had a weird genetic quirk. All he had to do was snap his fingers and concentrate on someone he was looking at, and he’d switch bodies with them. Switching bodies just seemed like something from a fantasy movie. Not quite believing his parents at first, he didn’t test his power out right away. It wasn’t until he saw a gorgeous woman in a black dress at the mall that he decided to try it out. He stared at her and snapped. He was completely shocked that it actually worked! He look down at his new body and a rush of feelings came over him. In part, because he was still in a state of disbelief. But the other part was thanks to the fact that he was now in a very unfamiliar, and very female, body. The swishing of his skirt was interesting, as was the bare, shaven legs. If he wasn’t in public, he’d surely be groping himself right about now!

Remeeting (Part 3)

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Though several more rounds of arguments ensued, Priscilla and Douglas came to an understanding over the next couple days. Once they started to work together, they pieced together who could’ve swapped their bodies and developed a plan on how to get switched back.

“What’s the gun for?” Douglas asked.

“Motivation.” Priscilla responded.


“Motivation to tell the truth. Motivation for the person responsible to switch us back.”

“But if you shoot them, we’ll certainly be stuck like this.”

“That’s an off chance we both have to be prepared for.”

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


TG Caption
Trevor Marx couldn’t believe how well he lucked out with the body he got to borrow on Exchange Island. She was gorgeous! He didn’t bother to unpack her things, he just grabbed a bikini and hit the beach. As he lounged about, a member of the resort staff came running up.

“Mr. Marx! We’re sorry! There’s been a terrible mistake!” The staff member exclaimed, “Ms. Li was leaving the island! You shouldn’t have swapped with her. if you’ll return to the office, we will allow you the pick of your bodies for your two weeks here!”

“Honestly, I’m quite happy with Ms. Li’s body. If I am to have my pick,” Trevor responded, “I pick her!”

“I don’t think you understand, Mr. Marx! If we don’t fix this error in the next few minutes, you’ll be stuck in her body forever!”

“What are you trying to convince me of? I’m honestly seeing no downside in just staying right here and keeping this body!”


Greg had told his wife he had a business meeting, but he was actually planning a secret vacation to Exchange Island. He’d often use the experience to sleep around; he would tell himself that since he was in a borrowed body, it wasn’t REALLY cheating. This time, however, the resort decided to twist the whole thing around on him. He’d had always swapped with another man before, but this time he was a woman. He stayed at the pool instead of going down to the beach where most of the other guests were. Usually mingling and flirting were enjoyable activities for him, but this time he wasn’t so sure of it. He wasn’t even sure if he should be flirting with men or women. His mind wasn’t interested in other guys, but that seemed to be the only thing his borrowed body was interested in.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Model citizen

TG Caption Transformation
Javier was a recent immigrant to America. He was working hard to learn English and studying even harder for his citizenship test. He thought it would be a good idea to take a class to help him out with the latter. The ad was in English, but he was pretty sure of the translation: “Become a model citizen.” Showing up at the center, he was whisked into a room where a man spoke too fast for him. He was soon signing papers and being shoved into a machine. Within a few minutes, his body was twisting and pulling in ways he never expected. It was quite painful, and at the end of it, he was shocked by his reflection. The machine had transformed him into a gorgeous woman. He just couldn’t believe it. He had wanted to become a model citizen, not become a model!

Tomorrow (Part 2)

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Mike and Angela hoped throughout the night to switch back to their own bodies; they went to sleep with the same hope overnight, but they awoke to find themselves still in each others bodies. Mike shrugged it off and started to get ready for school. He grabbed some clothes from the back of Angela’s closet. They looked like something she would wear.

He came downstairs, and she screamed at him, “You can’t wear THAT! You can see right through it! Everyone will be able to see my underwear!”

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Safecracker (Part 2)

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Peter was trying to do the best to crack the safe. The Medallion of Zulu just had to be there! But he wasn’t trying very long before he heard a noise. Jenna in his body must be home. He’d have to crack the safe later; right now, he just needed to get out of there!