Saturday, May 4, 2013

New life (Part 3)

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A few months later, there were all sorts of programs set up to help people cope with their new bodies as a result of the Great Shift. Alex was in a body that was eligible to return to school. He had actually never graduated high school, so he figured now was his chance. Maybe he’d finish this time and perhaps even go to college. He made plenty of friends, but he often complained about the fact that the Shift dropped him in the body of a woman. His friend Chris sighed. He told Alex to be glad. Things could have been worse. Not only had Chris become a woman, but he was also fat!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Polar opposite (Part 2)

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TG Body Merging
Norman feverishly took notes on the fused Walter/Bella -- which he dubbed “Wanda” for convenience. At first, she exhibited confusion. She felt like Norman’s friend, but also felt way too cool to be hanging out with him. Wanda still felt a close relationship with Norman, but she didn’t feel related to him any more. Her style was totally geek chic, and she seemed to be just as interested in Star Trek and video games as she was in fashion and cute celebrities. Norman’s constant notetaking made her feel awkward, and she soon left without even saying goodbye. While she felt like Walter at times and like Bella at others, she wanted to break free of both those roles, and she knew Norman’s close connection with both would constantly be forcing her to act like one or the other. She needed to forge her own way.

Body Port

This caption is loosely based on this story.
Body port body swap TG caption
Body Porting had replaced airline travel about 10 years ago. The idea was simple: Your brain could be teleported hundreds of miles away in an instant into the body of someone living where you wanted to go. If you booked your trip early enough, you often got your pick of bodies. A last minute trip meant you were more likely to be randomly assigned. Of course, Jonathan wished he had booked his trip for his friend’s wedding far sooner. With his last minute ticket, he ended up in the body of a woman, which meant he’d be wearing a dress to the wedding, and he’d probably be get hit on by some of his friend’s drunken relatives...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Big day

Great Shift TG Caption
Joseph took a deep breath as he looked himself over in the mirror. Today was a big day. Businesses were opening again and things were starting to get back to normal after The Great Shift threw the world into chaos. He had, of course, gotten this new body as a result of that event, but like many he had spent the past few days at home with little in person contact with others. He was a woman now, and he was ready to fully embrace that. He looked at his reflection; he was sure anyone that didn’t know him would think he had been a woman before the Shift. Maybe they’d think he hadn’t switched at all. His friends would know, as would his co-workers. But he hoped they treated him as the woman he now was instead of the man he used to be.

Improbable (Part 1)

Jason’s jaw dropped when he looked down the street and saw a man who looked exactly like him. He tried to calculate the odds of something like that -- was it even possible? Of course, Jason wasn’t actually looking at his double at all. What had happened was something that would seem even more impossible -- bodyswapping. Jason wasn’t looking at his double; he was actually looking at himself. His own mind was now inside the body of a beautiful young woman, but he hadn’t yet realized that -- he hadn’t even yet considered that a possibility. However, the evidence of such an improbable even was clear.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dorky (Part 2)

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Brother Sister Body Swap
Amanda wanted to switch back as soon as possible, but Ed had stayed out all night due to various ComicCon related activities. She was concerned when she didn’t see him until the following morning still in the same outfit.

“Relax,” He told her, “Nothing happened. I did run into your friend Steve though. He’s a pretty cool guy.”

“STEVE!?” Amanda freaked out, “The guy I have a crush on!? And he saw my body looking like THAT!?”

Ed shrugged, “He thought it was cool.”

Suddenly, it was Amanda reconsidering her own ideas of what was cool and what was dorky. Still, looking at the device in her hands, she was ready to switch back...

Port (Part 1)

Ted and Ivy were a young, rich couple with a poor attitude. They were rude to just about everyone they met. One day, they ticked off the wrong person. She was a witch, who cursed the couple to swap bodies. Before disappearing, she gave them a series of clues to find her. If they found her before a year was up, the curse would be lifted. If they didn’t, they’d be forever trapped in the other’s body. The couple immediately set off on their private boat to look for the woman. For the next few months, they landed at port after port looking for the woman, each feeling quite humble in the wrong body, wearing the other’s clothes. The clues didn’t seem to help much, and each visit to a new place felt more like a crapshoot than any sort of educated guess.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Secrets (Part 3)

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TG Body SWap
Jack knew this would ruin his friendship with Lina, but it was worth it. He had her body now, her gorgeous, beautiful body. He’d be willing to sacrifice a lot to keep it, and his friendship with Lina seemed like a small price.

As he turned his back on her for good, he gave one last look. He wanted to scowl or frown, but instead he let out a smile. He was just that happy being in Lina’s body, the feeling of being a woman just brought joy to him. He hoped Lina would see that one day and forgive him. He didn’t need that forgiveness, but he wanted it.


When Bob’s vision went blurry, he was a little worried, however, he couldn’t help but smile when it cleared up a moment later, and he was surrounded by three very attractive women. They seemed so similar to each other that he would’ve sworn they were sisters. In fact, he’d take it one step further and say triplets. However, they all started to freak out a moment later, claiming to be guy’s stuck in women’s bodies. Bob amused they had gone crazy until he looked down to see a feminine body in tight pink jeans. He’d need to see the face to be sure, but the body type was a dead ringer for the other three. It wasn’t three guys trapped in the bodies of beautiful triplets -- it was four guys trapped int he bodies of beautiful quadruplets!

Monday, April 29, 2013


TG Body Swap Sibling
When Danielle graduated college, she quickly went to work to start a successful business. When her brother Gerald graduated a few years later, he quickly found himself mooching off of her. After a few months of dealing with her slacker brother, Danielle got angry at him. She wished he understood how hard she worked for the money to take care of both of them, and in the early morning hours, the wish was granted. The siblings woke up the next morning to find their bodies switched. Danielle was in a state of panic, but Gerald told her to relax; he could take care of things at her office for a day. He quickly showered and put on a pair of pants from the back of her closet. They weren’t quite appropriate work attire, but Gerald really had no idea what was the right thing for a woman to wear to an office. He arrived and just found himself lounging about most of the day. It seemed no one asked him for anything. He couldn’t believe how easy it was! What he didn’t realize was that it was his job to ask things of others. If he didn’t ask, things didn’t get done. If this body swap fiasco didn’t soon reverse itself, he’d have a lot to learn about running his sister’s business. Of course, he’d also have a lot to learn about her body as well!

On and on (Part 1)

“...And it was with this medallion that I’m holding. That’s how I was able to switch our bodies. I can switch us back again in about 12 hours.”

Erick didn’t really care about the details on how Destiny had switched bodies with him; he was just happy that she had switched bodies with him. He hadn’t believed her when she first talked about some sort of magic charm that was capable of such a feat, but he had so hoped for it to be true that he agreed to it. The next phase of his plan was to make sure he disappeared before the 12 hours were up, but the time being he was just listening as Destiny went on an on about how the Medallion of Zulu worked. He was so bored.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Coffee time (Part 4)

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Chuck made his way back to the coffee shop. At first, he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, but on his way out, he noticed a strange light coming from the alleyway next to the shop. It was a mess of wires caused the illumination, but they dimmed when he approached. His tech nerd inclination took over as he examined them. He couldn’t be sure they were what was responsible, but he couldn’t seem to find anything else that would be a likely cause. However, it’s not like he knew enough to use the wires to switch back to his own body either...