Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Plan

“Where do you think those women ran off to in our bodies?” Jeremy asked.

“I don’t know, but if we don’t find them before this meeting later today, our company is sunk,” Larry replied, “They’re bound to screw up that meeting...if they even show up!”

“What if that was their intention behind this body swap? What if it’s the competition trying to sabotage us?”

“I wouldn’t put it past them. But maybe we can outsmart them. The investors we are going to be meeting with don’t know who they are supposed to meeting with, do they?”

“I don’t suppose they do,” Jeremy smiled.

“We could go like this. We could pretend like nothing’s wrong. Then we go look for our bodies later.”

“Later,” Jeremy sighed, “I don’t want to wait to get my body back.”

“Neither do I, but we might not have a better choice if we can’t find them shortly.”

Not Used Often (Part 2)

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Frank had to admit that he was enjoying the life of this rich woman. If there was ever a prime candidate for him to swap permanently with, she was certainly near the top of that list. However, he couldn’t escape his guilt for taking her life. He kept telling himself that he’d play one more game of tennis, then he’d go and find his own body and switch back. Of course, that was three or four games ago. Then he told himself just one more swim in the pool. In fact, he kept finding ways to delay his switch back. He knew he should; it was the right thing to do, after all, but he was enjoying this so much. He deserved this life more than she did, right? And who’s to say that he could even find her? He hadn’t seen her outside of the luxury condo since she ran off...

Friday, March 21, 2014

No Returns

Dan left Spells’R’Us and began to walk back through the corridors to the parking lot. He knew he had just purchased something from that store, but he couldn’t quite place his finger on what. He thought about returning, making sure he didn’t just forget to take whatever he had bought. However, something told him that he didn’t forget anything. He thought that maybe he had been ripped off or scammed, but that didn’t seem right either. He knew he had gotten something, but he just couldn’t figure out what. He was completely oblivious to the change to his body, to the fact that he was now a woman. He wouldn’t notice it until much later in the day when he would fall into a panic and rush back to the mall. But by then, the Spells’R’Us store would be long gone, vanished off to a new location, leaving Dan stuck with his new body.

A Good Plan

Tyler knew he was going to need a good plan. After all, he was going to be going up against a witch, a witch that could swap someone’s body! He had been a normal guy before he rubbed her the wrong way before she swapped his body with a fashion model. Now, he planned to get his body back. He scoped her out from a distance, making detailed plans. He needed to get the drop on her, trap her, and prevent her from using her magic. After all, if she could swap him into the body of someONE else, she probably could also swap him with someTHING else...that could easily be worse. He had done a great deal of research to find a way to shield him from her magic, but he needed to be close for it to be effective. That meant that he was going to have to sneak up on her. Once he could get close, he could bind her, and once he could bind her, he could force her to swap him back or else he’d refuse to let her go. The plan wasn’t perfect, but he didn’t have many options unless he wanted to keep this life.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Uncomfortably (Part 2)

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“Can we at least go home?” Dan asked, “If I am going to be stuck in this condition for the next few days, I’m not sure I feel like being out.”

Katie agreed and the pair started walking to the car, but Dan’s pain got worse. Dan pleaded that he was not going to make it.

Katie sighed and offered her hand to help. Dan hated to admit it, but holding the hand of his former body felt nice. He felt protected and safe. He also could feel a budding attraction, which just seemed sort of weird and egotistical. He wasn’t sure if he could make it through these next few days, but he was glad to have Katie by his side as he did.

Match (Part 1)

Eric had been hitting up the gym every single day to train. He had dreams of becoming a professional boxer, and with an upcoming amateur match at the end of the week, his dream would be one step closer if he could pull off an impressive performance. The day started out normal enough with early morning exercise, but a sudden flash occurred while he was hitting the bag and suddenly he stood in front of a mirror with a different reflection looking back at him. He had swapped bodies with someone, but not just anyone, with one of the few chicks in the room at the time. Judging from the screams he could hear all around, he wasn’t the only one with this type of problems. His only concern was his upcoming match. How could he compete like this!? The other guy would kill him! That is, if the other guy was still a guy!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Robert looked down at the new appliance in his kitchen. Martha, his wife, had been setting it up this morning. When she finally plugged it in while he was in the shower, a strange jolt shot through the house, swapping the couple’s bodies. It seemed completely unrealistic that the object in front of him could do such a thing, but he couldn’t argue with what obviously happened. Martha had to go to work in his place while he stayed home in her body. He had the whole day just to stare at this thing and worry about trying to figure out how to use it again to get their bodies back!

Polar Opposite (Part 2)

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After speaking with others in the locker room, Irving soon discovered he wasn’t the only one who had swapped bodies. In fact, whatever happened had seemed to affect just about every single one of the women in the room. Most of them had been men at the gym before the swap and were now in the bodies of Ashley’s sorority sisters. Many were worried, but Irving stood tall and put his hands on his hips.

“Let’s face it,” He explained to all of them, “We’ve been given a second chance. Some of us may have had good lives before this swap, others maybe less so. But who has it better than hot women? I mean, seriously, look at us! Every last one of us is drop dead gorgeous! Imagine applying whatever talents we had before teamed with bodies like these! We’ll all be unstoppable!”

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Follow that Man!

The woman running up to Clark took him by surprise. In one instant, he saw her bolting towards him, and the next minute he saw his own body running the other way. He looked down to discover that the woman had switched bodies with him somehow. He reacted quickly by jumping on the back of a motorcycle pointing and shouting to the driver, “Follow that woman...I mean, man!”

But the driver didn’t go anywhere. He just gave Clark a strange look. But Clark could only look in the distance, seeing his own body get further and further away.


The strange curse had started a week ago. Hank had woken up in the body of a beautiful woman. He didn’t turn back into himself until the sun set and night came. He had breathed a sigh of relief when he became himself again. He could only imagine someone had wanted to teach him a lesson, forcing him to spend a day as a woman. But the next morning, it happened again; he was once again a woman. Sure enough, each morning with the sun rise, he would transform. And each evening with the sunset, he would change back. After a week, he had gotten quite used to it. He realized that living in the nighttime hours might prove to be difficult, so he decided to embrace his new femininity and live for the daylight.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Wake Up

It wasn’t possible to simply wake up in someone else’s body? Was it? And a woman’s body, no less! Andrew was in disbelief. He was sure he was still dreaming. Maybe he just hadn’t woken up. What other explanation could there be? He calmly walked to the bathroom, noting how real everything seem while still telling himself that he certainly must be dreaming. He took some water on the sink and splashed it on his face, but it didn’t wake him up. He still stood there in the bathroom with a very female face looking back at him in the mirror.


Several years ago Greg had come to the small village to help. He had hoped to bring food and medicine and much more to the people in the remote location. They didn’t receive him well. They told him that he was an outsider and that he couldn’t understand. He pressured, insisting that he only wanted to help. Eventually, an elderly couple took him aside. If he wanted to help, they had a way for him to blend in. Pulling out a barrage of trinkets and a red dress they explained their daughter had passed away several years ago at age 20. Through the use of magic, they could bring back her body but not her soul. However, Greg’s soul could inhabit her body and pick up life where she left off. Greg pushed back. He certainly didn’t believe in magic and even if he did, the idea of becoming a woman, this couple’s daughter, made him uncomfortable. The couple told him that if he really wanted to help, this would be the only way the other villagers would listen. They just didn’t trust any outsiders. And if he didn’t believe in magic, why did he have to fear by trying? He agreed and was almost instantly overwhelmed by a thick smoke. He awoke the next day wearing the red dress and sure enough was inside the body of the couple’s daughter.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Back to Work

Craig had been going the same way to work every day for the past ten years. Of course, today was slightly different than most. It was his first day returning since the Great Shift. That meant he and the rest of his co-workers would all be returning in new bodies. He wasn’t very comfortable with his new body, but he couldn’t complain either. Sure, he was a woman now, but he had gone from being 40 years old to returning to around 20. He had nothing against being 20 years younger! With businesses opening for the first time today since the Shift, he hadn’t yet been able to purchase more work-appropriate clothing, but a memo circulated via email stated that the dress code would be lax for the first week back. Still, he hoped to be able to head to a department store on his lunch break in order to pick up something a little more appropriate.

Double Swap (Part 2)

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Ted met with Amy several days later. He couldn’t believe that she was going to let him keep her body, and all he had to do was use the spell again to swap her with someone else. When he arrived, she seemed to be browsing a company directory.

“Have you decided yet?” He asked.

“I haven’t,” She replied, “I am narrowing it down though. This one is tempting.” She pointed at a photo.

“The CEO?” Ted asked.

“Can’t go wrong with power. Or this one.” She pointed at another.

“Your old boss? Well, my boss now.”

“I’d like to enact some revenge on her. But I might go completely outside of the company for this. I can pick ANYONE!?”

“Yes, it should be possible. Just let me know when you’ve decided.”