Saturday, February 27, 2016

Catching a Flight

Jack was quite late, and he was running to catch his plane. But he suddenly felt disoriented and nearly tripped over his own feet. He looked up to see the gate numbers were all wrong; had he run the wrong way? No, he was sure they were right just a moment ago. Then he looked down. He lifted a leg and discovered they were now very different. They were quite slender and feminine. In fact, it seemed impossible, but his whole body was wrong; it was clearly a woman’s body instead of his own. Then he looked around again to see people studying their own bodies in a similar manner. Now he doubted if his flight was going to take off at all, but if this body swapping madness was widespread, it was better for him that he was still on the ground when it happened instead of in the air.

Friday, February 26, 2016


Before accepting the job, Ralph had been told all about the island where he was delivering supplies. He had a hard time believing that tourists would swap bodies with each other for the duration of their travels. It just seemed impossible. Regardless, he didn’t care. The job paid well and his plane was already loaded up. He touched down and before he even had a chance to unload, he suddenly found himself on the beach in someone else’s body. He thought the swapping was limited to tourist; he hadn’t expected to swap bodies with anyone himself. Yet here he was, on the beach in the body of some woman. He realized unloading was going to take quite a bit longer with this body; it just wasn’t as strong as his. And he had to make it back to the landing spot as well. Sure this job paid well, but he was beginning to wonder if it was worth it. Then he looked down at his body and thought that maybe it was he who should be paying a fee to Exchange Island for allowing him to use this wonderful body for a bit.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bikini Body

Jack had considered the results of the The Great Shift pretty lucky for him. Of all the people he could’ve ended up as, he found himself in the body of a hot, young celebrity. What he hadn’t counted on was how much work it took to keep that body beautiful. He could tell he was gaining weight by the fact that he no longer fit into many of the designer clothes that he had inherited with this body. Still, he didn’t think it was an unreasonable amount of weight, and he didn’t mind buying new stuff off the rack at department stores. When bikini season rolled around, he didn’t think anything of showing off his body -- not even really thinking much about the weight gain. However, the tabloids had a field day. He was featured along with many other people also in the bodies of former celebrities. There was a lot of body shaming, and many of the stars commented about how they felt their bodies were being treated poorly. Jack was pretty shocked by the report.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

After the Wedding (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

Carlos realized he should’ve said something the night of the wedding about how he swapped bodies with Wes’s wife. He was about to when Wes came into the hotel room and engaged in passionate love-making. Carlos was lost in the moment, and now he was on the honeymoon with Wes. He was pretty sure that when they got home and Wes’s real wife, Eun, was going to be pissed. She was, of course, stuck in Carlos’s body, pushing papers in the HR department at work while he was here soaking up the sun on the beach in Eun’s body. Carlos wondered if Wes was at all suspicious. After all, Carlos was sure he was flaunting this body way more than Eun ever would. He thought about trying to get a job at the resort, dumping Wes, and just stealing Eun’s body and starting a new life here as her. It was an option he’d likely consider many more times before the end of the honeymoon, but for the time being, he was just enjoying days on the beach and nights of love-making.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

After the Wedding

Carlos sat on the bed; he knew he was going to have to tell Wes soon. After all, Carlos had swapped bodies with Wes’s bride-to-be right before the wedding. The two discussed it and decided to keep in secret, with hopes of swapping back before the reception. They didn’t have any luck before or after the reception, and now Carlos was back in the hotel room Wes and his wife shared. He knew what was about to happen, and he had to admit he was sort of curious. He thought about keeping the secret, but he knew that would get awkward once they figured out swapping back. Still, a part of him had really enjoyed being a woman, a blushing bride, and a new wife. But he knew he couldn’t keep it up any longer. He took a deep breath and prepared to tell Wes everything.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Go Wrong

“Can you please stop yelling at me?” Juan asked his boss, “I am fully aware I am not getting any work done, but what do you expect me to do? I may be stuck in Carla’s body, but I’m not Carla; I don’t know how to do her job. I’m the janitor! And I tried to keep doing my job, which was not easy in Carla’s skirt and heels by the way, but Carla came over and yelled at me. She told me I might ruin her nails or mess up her outfit. Then she told me to sit here. Look, I’m not sure you can complain about any of us not working. We didn’t ask for your engineers in the basement to test that machine that swapped everyone’s bodies. Honestly, I don’t care what weird stuff you develop down there; I just don’t need my pay docked when the weird things you make go wrong.”

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Theo always loved going to the electronics convention. He loved seeing the latest gadgets before their release to the general public. He was even more thrilled when a man approached him and asked him if he wanted to try out a gizmo that was in the testing phases and still years away from even being shown at the convention. Theo jumped at the opportunity. It started with a small focus group of about ten people where they were asked various questions. Then they were all sent off in pairs. The woman paired with Theo had black hair and a short neon green skirt. He could see the straps of her bra matched the color of the skirt, as he black top left very little to the imagination. After signing some forms, they were finally told more about the product they would be testing. Theo’s jaw nearly dropped when he heard it -- a brain swapping device. He looked at the woman again and tried to back out. Unfortunately, he had already signed the forms. The next thing he knew, strange electrodes were being attached to his forehead. Before he could protest again, he blacked out. When he awoke, he was now in the body of the black haired woman. It was explained to him that they would all be swapped until the end of the day. Theo looked at the clock; that was at least four more hours. As he was sent back out to the convention floor, he felt so uncomfortable. He tried to cover up his body, but he just felt so exposed. He tried to focus on the plus side. He had just tried out a body swapper! How amazing is that? He just wished he could’ve had a bit more choice when it came to the body he swapped with.