Saturday, August 13, 2016


For the past two days, Owen had been searching through every book in the library that he thought would help. After all, Patty had done something that caused him to swap bodies with her; he figured that it must be in a book somewhere. She was a bit of a nerd, and her nose always seemed to be buried in one. However, despite his best efforts, he wasn’t finding anything. If he couldn’t figure out how she did this, then he couldn’t figure out how to undo it, and then he’d be stuck in her body forever!

Friday, August 12, 2016


With her own car stuck in the snow, Ariel thought it might be best to catch a cab in order to get into the city for work. A few blocks from the office, the cab got stuck as well, spinning it’s wheels on the ice below. Ariel sighed. Thinking she could walk from here, she asked to be let out. The cab driver nodded before wishing she have a nice day. The next thing Ariel knew, she was back in the cab, only now she was behind the wheel. She felt compelled to drive away even though she didn’t want to. The ice under the wheels made that impossible. The wheels kept spinning, but the cab was stuck. Still, she kept trying. All the while, she could see her body out the window with a big, dumb grin on it’s face. She wanted nothing more than to get out of the cab and confront the person now in her body, but she seemed unable to leave the cab. Gus, for his part, was just happy not to be stuck in the body of the cab driver any longer. He knew he should probably get going, but also knew that it might be tricky walking on the ice while getting used to having Ariel’s body at the same time. Being a woman wouldn’t have been his first choice, but when the magic taxi decides you’ve been driving long enough, it will find a way to get you out...

Thursday, August 11, 2016


“What the heck, Kelly?” Tyler screamed.

“I’m sorry,” Kelly explained, “But my boobs were crooked.”

“They’re not yours anymore! Not since the Great Shift swapped me into your body! You can’t just go around grabbing me like that! You need to let go of every little thing that I may do wrong with your body. I know it’s hard to accept, but it’s my body now!”

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


It had been two months...two long months...since the Great Shift, since Kenny found himself in Amanda’s body, since he last had a fast food burger. He had listened to her at first, about her strict diet. But he missed the taste, he missed the joy. He finally caved in and bought some. He loved sinking his teeth into that fast food; it was just as good as he remembered. Sure, Amanda would be pissed off if she found out, but he didn’t care. There didn’t seem to be any chance of anyone figuring out a way to reverse this body swapping thing, so that meant this was his body now. He could do what he wanted to with it. If that meant he was going to eat fast food, then he was going to eat fast food!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Localized (Part 3)

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Despite the beach being closed, the red flags, and the numerous warnings about the water being unsafe to swim in, there were a few visitors still thought to sneak in for a dip, such as Michelle and her boyfriend, Paul. After swapping bodies from the neck down, Paul was horrified. He wanted to get right back in the water with the hope that it would swap them back. Michelle, on the other hand, was slightly more curious. Using the muscles she now had, she simply lifted Paul up off his feet and began to drag him off the beach. Paul knew that there was little he could do. He knew how strong he was...or how strong he had been. He wasn’t enjoying being the weak one for a change. Michelle was having the time of her life, however. She wasn’t sure she ever wanted to switch back.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Localized (Part 2)

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Maxine and Tony finished putting red flags all over the beach. The final orange flag that needed to be replaced with a red one was in the lifeguard tower.

Tony grumbled, “I can’t believe how short you are! I have to climb up on the railing just to change this flag!”

Maxine wasn’t listening. After walking around with Tony’s body below her neck, she just felt so strong. “These muscles are so big...” She muttered to herself.

Tony smirked, “I always thought you liked them. Tell you what. If you want to hit up the gym for a few hours, I won’t be upset. You can give ‘em a good push and see just what I can do.”

“You mean it?” “Sure. I think I’m man enough to stand being a woman for a few hours. Maybe I’ll go buy a stupid dress or something.”

Maxine smiled, “You might need a wig to pull it off...and a closer shave...ooooh! And some makeup!”

Tony rolled his eyes. Didn’t she have any idea he was being sarcastic?

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Localized (Part 1)

“There is no way we can open the beach today.” Tony sighed.

“Not a chance.” Maxine assured him.

“Such a shame. The water LOOKS so calm.”

“I wouldn’t describe waves ripping your head off only to have it slammed atop your fellow lifeguard’s body as calm.”

“I’m not exactly happy with my head atop your body either, but when you look at them...they just don’t seem capable of doing what they did to us. I blame the runoff from the weird industrial plant upstream.”

“Whatever caused it, we better take the orange flags down and get the red ones up. No one is swimming around here today. How widespread do you think this phenomenon is?”

Tony sighed, “I have no idea, but I sure HOPE it’s localized.”