Saturday, August 27, 2016

Tourist (Part 5)

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After several hours of walking toward and away from the temple, Evan had a comprehensive view of his new life. He was a businesswoman who worked in the center of town. He could name each and every employee who worked under him. He knew all about the rich man he was dating; he could recall almost every detail of their recent dates. Despite all this, he still knew he was really Evan; he knew every bit of his own past as well. The new information did not replace anything about who he once was. It all just seemed like vital information he needed to get by with this new body -- even when those details seemed minor. It all seemed geared to dismiss that feeling of worry. In fact, as he wandered quite some ways from the temple now, he found that there wasn’t much he had to worry about with this new body. He knew where she lived; he knew he could handle her job; he even knew her boyfriend’s likes and dislikes. There was just one small acknowledgement that he needed to make...that “he” wasn’t a “he” any longer; she was now a she!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Tourist (Part 4)

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For the next few hours, Evan found himself stuck in a strange cycle. Being close to the temple would fill him with confidence and contentment. He’d be convinced he could live his new life, and start to make his way outward. But as he ventured out too far, the content feeling would fade. A sense of worry would overcome him, he’d want his body back, and he’d head back to the temple. But as he got closer, the feeling of confidence would return. He’d feel like he never wanted to go back to his old body; a piece of knowledge about being a woman or this body’s life would pop into his head. He’d once again feel like he could live this life and he’d head back out until he got far enough out and the worry would set back in. Even at the happiest points, Evan knew the cycle didn’t make much sense. How could he live someone else’s life? But what he didn’t quite realize was that with each cycle, he was able to get further and further away...

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tourist (Part 3)

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Evan resigned himself to the reality that he might never see his own body ever again, but if for some reason the woman he now was wanted her body back, he felt the need to stick around and offer if she came up to him and asked. The longer he stood near the temple, the more he felt a familiar sensation.

It wasn’t exactly like the feeling of euphoria that came over him when he entered the temple, though there was a certain similarity. This was much milder; it was more like a simple feeling of contentment and acceptance.

The feeling told him that the woman wasn’t going to come looking for her body, but it also told him that was okay. He could handle being a woman -- being this woman. And, hey, if he wanted to mix things up and try a new life, he could always come back in a week, or a year, or maybe never.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tourist (Part 2)

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Evan looked around to try to find his own body, but it seemed to be nowhere in sight. If he ended up in the body of the person behind him, it made sense that the person in front of him ended up in his body, which was the old man. Evan realized the guy had lied about the temple being a tourist spot. It seemed that the old man also didn’t have his eye on Evan’s camera; he had his eye on Evan’s entire body!

it made a lot of sense that the old man would try to trick him. Who wouldn’t want to be young again? And whoever was in front of the old man might’ve been duped just like Evan had been. But he began to wonder about the woman he now was. She hadn’t said a word while in line. Surely she knew this would happen, right? Maybe it wasn’t even her body; maybe she was going around for a second time, hoping for something better. Evan was considering going that route himself; he didn’t exactly want to be a woman! Maybe she was trying to escape from something or someone; the thought that they’d now be looking for Evan instead gave him a most unsettled feeling.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tourist (Part 1)

The large temple wasn’t on any of Evan’s tourist maps, but the long line outside certainly piqued his interest. He stood in line behind an elderly man who seemed to smile when Evan got in line behind him. When Evan asked about the temple, the old man smiled even larger. He eyed Evan’s camera and maps and said that the temple was one of the best tourist sites in the city but that he didn’t want to ruin the surprise. Evan got a little excited, but clutched his camera a little tighter as he got the odd impression that the old man wanted to rob him. The line moved slowly as a woman in red got in line behind Evan, and a few more people got behind her. He noticed some people shuffling their positions from time to time.

It all seemed very strange, but after a long wait, Evan was in front of the line. He awaited to be let in. Upon first entering, he did feel a moment of pure euphoria, like a floating bliss. But it quickly diminished and he realized he stood in a rather unremarkable room that people left almost as son as they came. Evan felt disappointed. He looked back as he left; at least it was beautiful from the outside. He reached for his camera to discover that it was missing. But it wasn’t just his camera that was gone; his whole body had gone missing! When he looked down, he instead appeared to be inside the body of the woman in red who had been standing behind him.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Decisions, Decisions!

The first thing that Evan did after it happened was look down. He wasn’t sure why it happened or how, but for some reason he now had Liz’s body. He wasn’t sure if this was going to be for a short amount of time or for a long time, but he decided he wasn’t going to waste this once in a lifetime opportunity. There were so many things he could experience now that he was a woman; how would the world treat him differently? It would be a very interesting social experience to just go outside. But then again, just staying inside and exploring his differing biology might be equally compelling. Oh, decisions, decisions!

Sunday, August 21, 2016


It was all a little hard for Greg to believe. A weird jolt had struck the pool as he was swimming, and it had the odd effect of swapping people’s bodies. Most others swapped with another person swimming, but Greg swapped with a woman who was sitting by the pool. He couldn’t believe how many layers she was wearing on such a warm summer’s day! He felt sweltering in the leather pants and fur coat. He couldn’t imagine why she chose to dress this way this morning.