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Tuesday, July 23, 2019


“Why are you crying, Esther?” Nancy asked her roommate, “It’s not a big deal. I’ll be okay. Ryan just broke up with me, but I’ll be okay. It’s not like I even loved him that much.”

This only seemed to intensify the waterworks. This was because the person inside Esther’s body was Ryan. He wasn’t sure what had caused the swap, but they had both agreed to pretend to be the other. Of course, now Ryan was wondering if Esther had caused the swap, if she had some sort of plan all along. He thought about telling Nancy, but would she believe him? Even if she did, she hadn’t seem the slightest bit upset about thinking he had just broken up with her. He thought he could just fix this if he had his body back, but he doubted that would ever happen now. He was just going to have to learn to be Esther for the rest of his life...

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