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Monday, July 8, 2019

Gone Wrong

Dr. Henry Leithauser had been monitoring the work of his team careful. He was sure they could run their first test without incident. However, as soon as they flipped the large switch on the room-sized device, Henry knew something had gone horribly wrong. He found himself in a park a few blocks away, but the weird part was he was in an entirely different body. Temporal displacement was a possible bug with the device, but it shouldn’t have been this extreme. Luckily, the body he now had seemed to be in good shape; in fact, she had seemed to be out for a jog at the time, so he ran back his lab as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the lab did not appear to be in great shape by the time he got there. Flames were shooting from the building, and fire trucks surrounded it. He could only watch it burn, as he knew explaining who he was would only confuse most of the people working to extinguish the flame or those observing...

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