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Monday, July 1, 2019


“Freeze! And hand over the purse!” The mugger’s voice grumbled behind Andrew.

Andrew slowly turned around, clutching the purse tightly in both hands. He knew he needed to get this purse back to Jing if he ever wanted his own body back.

“I really don’t think you want to take this from me,” Andrew warned.

The mugger just laughed as he reached out to grab the small bag with a heart on it. Andrew was more than prepared for what happened next, so he made sure to continue to hold on tightly, regardless of the fact that he knew he would swap bodies with the mugger. On the flip side, the mugger was completely shocked to now be in Jing’s body. He immediately let go of the purse in shock, staring briefly at the pink manicured nails before stumbling away in horror as fast as he could with the heels now on his feet.

Andrew still had the purse -- the item inside would cause two people to swap bodies if they got close enough, which touching the purse at the same time always seemed to do -- but without Jing’s body, she’d likely be unwilling to swap with him. He was going to have to chase after it. Judging by how poorly the mugger was running in heels, it shouldn’t be that difficult to catch him.

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