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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Say a Little Prayer

Li Wei had been a powerful warlord. When he died, his spirit stayed connected to the temple built on his land. However, shortly after his death, a blight hit the land, killing everyone for miles. With no one visiting his temple, he was unable to possess a new host to be born again. The land became overgrown and the temple fell into disarray. Li Wei was sure his spirit would perish when the temple was finally destroyed by nature. Yet it stood for hundreds of years in its remote location until one day a woman arrived. Li Wei’s spirit sensed her, but still needed her to do one final thing in order to be free. Then the woman finally began to pray, and Li Wei took his opening to possess her body. Being a female was certain strange for the old male warlord, and he was sure he’d have a lot to learn about the modern world. However, he was happy to be alive again and couldn’t wait for a conquest.

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