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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Poorly Planned Prank

When Kay asked Clyde to go skinny dipping, he knew to be suspicious. Pretty, popular girls like her just didn’t even speak with guys like him, let along ask him to do anything. And sure enough, when he saw the lake she suggested,he knew exactly what would happen, so he protested and started to leave. Kay pushed him in anyway ad jumped in after. Then the magic of the lake did its work.

As Clyde squeezed out his shirt, Kay was long gone. She had run off, probably with plans to humiliate him now that she had his body. Popular students like her always tried to find new ways to taunt nerds like him. The body swapping lake discovered in town was a perfect way to do that. He guessed she imagined he’d beg for his body back, but the truth was he was pretty happy with Kay’s body. In fact, if he avoided the lake, there would be no way for her to force them to swap back. He could really get used to her body, and she’d probably feel pretty stupid in giving it up all for the sake of some stupid poorly planned prank...

1 comment:

  1. I love it when something like this backfires one the one responsible :)