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Monday, July 29, 2019


When Leo was arrested for a minor level offense, he was worried. He had just turned eighteen and was convinced the judge was going to put him away in an adult detention facility. However, the judge suggested an alternate rehabilitation program instead. Leo quickly agreed without even asking the details. As it turned out, the program involved swapping bodies with a volunteer for a year, and the next thing he realized, Leo was whisked to a facility where he met the person he’d be swapping with. The woman sitting before him was blonde and in her 30s. She told him about her husband and two kids, as well as the schedule he’d be expected to maintain even though she was just a homemaker. He wanted to protest, but he figured being a chick for a year was still better than going to jail.

As the months passed, despite Leo’s hesitation, he was starting to love his life as a housewife. He enjoyed doing yoga, attending mommy and me classes, doing the grocery shopping for a family, and even cooking dinner. In fact, his biggest concern soon became not wanting to give up this glorious suburban woman’s life for his own. He figured that was part of the point of the program -- to show what sort of lifestyle he could have if he tried. Yet it wasn’t just the lifestyle he was in love with, it was the life itself -- this woman, her body. He didn’t want just any nice life, he wanted to keep this one

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  1. LOL! great story. I wonder if she likes being a teenage boy? after all she did volinteer for the program? Part2?