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Wednesday, July 17, 2019


Ellen couldn’t help but laugh as he husband Steve leaned over the phone, waiting for a call from customer support. The two had purchased nanobots and had expected the small machines to transform their bodies into each other’s dream lover. Instead, they transformed into their own dream. Steve was horrified as the transformation, but Ellen certainly saw the humor in it. The first question she asked Steve was if he had a thing for Asian women that he hadn’t told her about. He brushed it off as just being curious and after five years of marriage, he just wanted to experiment with someone as different as he could imagine (without cheating, of course). Ellen suggested if he really wanted different, they could make love with their now gender swapped bodies. He retorted that he wanted different, but not THAT different. So they filled out the online form from the nanobot manufacturer and awaited a call. Then the bad news came. There was no rushing the program. Whatever requirements they set up to end the transformation would have to be met. And Steve remembered he requirement to end the transformation program, and he realized that he was going to have to now do exactly what Ellen had suggested...

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  1. LOL! OOOPS. I wonderif the wife willagree to a reverasa - or evenb funnyier if they get the reversals mixed up & they 'bacl' into ecvh other! LOL!