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Sunday, July 21, 2019


Chuck, Kyle, and Henry all agreed to be groomsmen for their good friend, Mark. The bachelor party was certainly fun, but then a week before the wedding Mark called in panic. He begged the trio if he could ask for a “big favor.” They all agreed, and Mark quickly explained how they were still going to be in the wedding party, but they wouldn’t be groomsmen. He started rambling about how his bride-to-be pissed off all her bridesmaids being a Bridezilla. Then the changes started, as Chuck, Kyle, and Henry all transformed into women.

They were panicked. Mark kept explaining that it would only be for a week as his bride did some final touches. They’d be able to transform back right after the wedding. Of course, if they tried to protest or if they didn’t show up, they wouldn’t transform back at all.

The three all showed up to the wedding in bridesmaid dresses, ready to go. None of them wanted to do this, but they knew it would be worse if they didn’t.

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  1. All week the guy's were so scared of Bridezilla they did not do a thing after the wedding at the resection. the their guys let their hair down so to speak and got drunk. Chuck was Christi, Kyle was Kylie, and Henry was Heather. Christi and Heather hooked up with to of the new groomsmen. and Kylie had made friends with the sexy red head bartender. The next morning all three woman found themselves in their partners beds Christi and Heather found out that sperm not only made their transformation permanent but later they found that they were both pregnant. No Kylie had woken to herself being eaten out by the redhead and Kylie was loving the action so much that she moved around and was doing 69. when the bridezilla returned from her honeymoon she was going to turn the guy back but all three wanted to stay woman because tow were pregnant and the third really loved going from being Bi to full on lipstick lesbian.