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Tuesday, July 30, 2019


Simon had only arrived on Exchange Island that day. He was still getting used to the fact that he had swapped with a very beautiful woman, but yet he had braved going to the beach in one of her skimpy bikinis. Then the sirens blared, calling on everyone to get on the boats to evacuate the island. It was so rushed that very few people had time to return to their rooms for luggage. As Simon stood on the boat, he wondered what the emergency was. He was also a little disappointed that he’d be leaving the island; after all, leaving the island meant swapping back to normal. Except that as the boat left, Simon didn’t swap back. Even as they arrived on another island hours away, he was still in the same gorgeous body. He was no longer disappointed; now he was worried. What would happen when they returned to Exchange Island again? Would he swap again? When his vacation was over, would he then end up swapping back to this body instead of his own? What if they didn’t return to the island? Would he be stuck like this? And what exactly was the emergency that forced everyone to leave? Right now, he had a lot of unanswered questions...

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