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Friday, July 5, 2019

Luck (Part 3)

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Three months later, Keith was pretty happy with where he ended up. Despite some initial worries, he was actually loving this new body. However, a text came in on his phone.

“Wonder if u want ur body back? Really need some cash. Sell to you for $5K?” The text read.

Keith couldn’t believe it. He had pined for his body back for a while, but now that he finally had the chance it seemed silly. This new body had worked out well for him. He had gotten a raise and promotion at work (not that he even needed it after his Vegas winnings). He couldn’t remember the last time his future looked this bright; he had to think part of that was due to this body.

He texted back, “No thx. I’m pretty happy now. Sorry!”

The reply on the other end took a while, but eventually resulted in a sad emoticon and the word “PLEASE!” in all caps.

This time, Keith just decided to ignore it.

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