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Tuesday, July 16, 2019


A few days ago, Brendon discovered he had the power to swap bodies. Unfortunately, this happened because he randomly started swapping bodies with people until he was able to calm down and focus. With a bit more focus, he realized he was able to return to his own body. After a bit of testing and experimentation, he thought he had it under control. As such, his life had started to get back to normal. However, he must’ve slipped up, as he soon found himself swapping into the body of a woman wearing a short blue dress and white heels. He tried to focus in order to get back to his own body, but it just wasn’t working. Maybe he was just distracted. He looked down, noting that he hadn’t really ever swapped with a woman before -- at least not for very long -- and no swaps with women had been part of his experimenting. Maybe he couldn’t properly focus because he wasn’t used to it. Maybe he just needed a bit of time like this. He was sure he still had his power, and he was convinced he wasn’t stuck like this. But it was still a slight concern in the back of his mind.

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