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Sunday, July 14, 2019


It had been a few months since the Great Shift. People were mostly used to their new bodies and things were getting back to normal. But, of course, a worldwide body swapping event was likely to have consequences far into the future. Luke, for instance, was still curious about what had happened to his original body. He had been vacationing Asia at the the time of the Shift, yet he ended up in a body back in the States -- although it did happen to the body of an Asian woman. He was convinced his body had to be back there still. Visiting Asia was a little different this time around. Unlike his previous visit, this time people often assumed he was a native and that he spoke the language. Despite it all, he didn’t end up having any luck finding his body. Of course, he realized there were all sorts of possibilities. Something could’ve happened at the time of the swap or in the months following. It was hard to consider, but he had to accept that it was at least possible that his body was gone.

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