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Monday, April 20, 2020

An Education

As Aaron looked in the mirror to tie the long hair back into a ponytail, he felt like he was starting back at square one. For the past decade he had studied hard in undergrad and graduate school, then there was the endless search until he finally scored a teaching position at a local college. Then just as spoke the first word in front of his first class, he found himself sitting in the hall hearing his voice recite the lecture he had prepared.

For some inexplicable reason, he was now inside the body of one of his freshman students, a young woman. He decided it best not to panic as everyone else was acting completely normally -- including his own body.

After class, he went to the nearest bathroom, reminding himself he now had to use the woman’s room. It was hard not to contemplate what his new life would be like. He’d be going through the motions all over again, but as someone else this time. He didn’t even know much about the woman he now was. He hadn’t learned any of his students’ names; he’d barely even reviewed the class list!

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