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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Perfect Crime (Part 2)

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“I bet you two thought we’d never find you,” Amie scowled as she glared at Charlie and John tied up in front of her and Tiffany, “Honestly, you did a pretty good job; it took us fifteen years!”

“Pretty good isn’t perfect though,” Tiffany added, “And it looks like you’ve lived pretty good lives for us with nice houses in the suburbs and handsome husbands. We have NOT been enjoying your lives at all. I have hated ever second of being a guy.”

Amie took back over, “We’re wiling to deal though. It would be one thing to take our bodies back, but how could you ever give us back the fifteen years you stole from us? So here’s the deal, we’l let you keep our bodies, but you have to tell us how you swapped bodies so we can steal young, beautiful bodies of our choosing. We deserve a second chance.”

Tiffany ripped the duct tape off Charlie’s mouth slowly, inflicting quite a bit of pain.

“What d’ya say?” She asked.

“If we tell you, how do we know you won’t steal these bodies back?”

“You don’t. But if you don’t tell us, you won’t have those bodies for yourselves too much longer. We will kill you. It’s all we thought about for the first six or seven years. You’re lucky we got a little less impulsive as time went on.”

John gave Charlie a knowing look. They knew they had no choice but to share their secret and hope for the best...

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