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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Happy to Help

Despite many advances in medical technology, humans were still subject to many dangers. One could still suffer in an accident, and it seemed diseases continued to take humanity off guard from time to time. A recent pandemic had doctors scrambling, and as they treated patients they too often felt ill. Luckily, most of these doctors were young and healthy; their bodies would likely recover. However, they’d be unable to work while infected. That is, until one hospital had the idea to utilize recent body swapping technology. There was a call for volunteers to swap with sick doctors in order to keep them on the front lines. Brian quickly stepped up.

They rushed him in quickly and swapped him with a sick doctor immediately. Before Brian could ask any questions, he saw his own body rush by a nearby window to help patients.

Brian was alone in the room, quarantined. It didn’t take him long to realize the doctor he had swapped with was a woman. He waited for a while before a voice explained how he would safely get home to avoid further transmission. He was also told he would likely only be mildly sick, but to contact the hospital if things got worse. He’d be stuck in this body for the next two or three weeks. Brian was just happy to be able to help those on the front lines of fighting this virus.

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