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Wednesday, April 15, 2020


As he laid in his hospital bed, Rodney believed he had been good in life, treated people well, and generally done the right thing. When he finally passed, he went straight to heaven. He was quickly funneled to a room where the afterlife was explained to him. Apparently, he was absolutely correct in thinking he had lead a good life, and he was to be rewarded by becoming an angel. He’d return to Earth from time to time to help people. The idea of this all made Rodney very happy, and he couldn’t wait to help. There was only one catch -- he needed to be in his true form.

To Rodney, this made sense. After all, how could he be an angel without any wings? Or maybe a halo? It turns out, Rodney’s true form wasn’t quite what he was expecting. Sure, he got the wings, but he also appeared to be decidedly female. He became instantly confused, but he was told it was naive to think his Earthly body was anything like his true form.

Before he could even process any of this, he was sent back to Earth for his first mission. He found himself in a hotel bathroom. A voice inside his head told him to focus to help him hide his wings. Then he was told all about a married couple going through a rocky patch, and how he had to help them. He sighed as he listened to the voice in his head -- he still couldn’t believe he was an angel and THIS was his new body.

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