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Monday, April 6, 2020

The Prototype

The hardware development team rolled in late Friday morning after a successful test the night before. They were surprised to see the VP of marketing, Danielle Takashi, tied up and gagged on the floor. One of the devs, Harvey, removed the gag and before he could ask, Danielle spoke.

“I know what this looks like, but I’m not Danielle. I’m Max! She used the prototype to swap our bodies and then overpowered me!” Max explained with Danielle’s sweet, soothing voice.

“We tested that on animals!” Harvey stated, “Human testing is months away.”

“Well, fortunately, it worked, and my brain isn’t fried! Danielle’s didn’t appear to be either as she ran off with my body AND our hard work. It took us ten years to build that brain swapper!”

“I have some backup copies of the plans. It would take a while to reconstruct, but we wouldn’t be started from scratch.” “I’d check it all. She went wild taking stuff while in my body, and she made me sit here and watch it all..”

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