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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Never (Part 4)

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Once George got to the office, his hormones ran wild upon seeing all the guys there. He tried to flirt with them and got quite aggressive, reaching to places he shouldn’t or hiking up his leather skirt in the hopes one of the guys would just take him. It was a little too much for any professional environment.

He got called into the boss’s office -- which was actually his office. He paced the room, wondering if Nicole was now in his body. He had hopes she’d understand what he was going through, or maybe offer to relieve his tension.

It was still a shock to watch his own body walk through the door. He wanted to ask about the swap; he wanted to ask what Jen had done to her. Instead all he could think about was that the person in front of him was a man, a man who could fill his desires. He stammered as he asked for a favor.

He watched a smile come across his former body’s face as it spoke, “Technically, I could report you to HR for what you did out there, and what you’re doing in here. But maybe we can keep this between just the two of us...”