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Thursday, April 30, 2020


About a month ago, Aaron had found the strange book among the shelves at his local store. Inside the pages were magic spells. He was skeptical at first until he tried one to see that it actually worked! He bought the book and brought it home.

What he didn’t know was the book itself had a curse, which would infect Aaron with a bit of mischievous chaos. In one of his bolder acts, he used a spell to swap bodies with his friend, Melinda.

After a few more chaotic spells, he decided the most mischievous thing he could do was quietly place the book back on the shelf for someone else to experiment.

After another few weeks passed, the curse would fade and Aaron would be horrified by the fact that he was forever swapped with Melinda. He’d return to the book store only to find the book had already been bought by someone else and was out there causing chaos for more people int he world.

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