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Monday, April 13, 2020


Alex realized how quickly he was becoming a technophobe. Technology was just moving too far, and criminals now seemed to be the early adopters. Take the whole body swapping tech. Heck, it was even banned in his country, but that didn’t stop it from being used in illegal, criminal ways. As he was walking down the street one day, a woman hit him with such a device. Suddenly, Alex was now the one in her body, and she threatened not to give him his body back unless he took out $1000 from his bank account. Alex grumbled as he headed to the nearest ATM and did as she requested. Being somewhat distracted by the feminine body he now had, he didn’t react quick enough when the woman with his body grabbed the card and cash faster than he could. She had been peeking as he entered his pin. The woman then ran away. He had his body, his ATM card, and his pin number. He was sure she was going to do a lot of damage before he could report anything to his bank or explain things to the police.

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