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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Crimson Queen (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
Teaching classes over the next few days as Miss Reed wasn’t exactly fun or easy for Tom. Knowing that he had the strength and powers of The Crimson Queen and not using them was even harder. The one thing he did do was wear her skimpy spandex suit under her conservative clothing; it made him feel better knowing he could leap into action even if the agency had told him not to.

That all changed one day as he made his way back to Miss Reed’s apartment one evening after work. He could hear a cry for help. More accurately, he couldn’t avoid hearing it -- The Crimson Queen’s ears were just too powerful. He realized he couldn’t ignore it.

He began to unbutton one sleeve, ready to leap into action. He only paused momentary, knowing he needed to be someplace private to avoid revealing Miss Reed’s identity to the world.

So he rushed into her apartment at his fastest non-super speed, locked the door, and went into action. He was amazed at how fast he could move, changing clothes in an instant. Opening a window, he flew out of it, and arrived to the cry for help mere seconds later. The thugs harassing the woman screaming were no match for Tom with The Crimson Queen’s body. He got a thank you before darting back to Miss Reed’s home.

He knew he was told not to do the whole hero thing, but the secret agency wouldn’t mind that one little thing, right?

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