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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Crimson Queen

It was only about fifty or sixty years ago when superheroes were merely the work of fiction, but reality eventually began to imitate art. By the time Tom was born, they were commonplace; he had grown up obsessed with them. By the time he was eighteen -- while most rational people ran from a superhero battling a villain - Tom would run toward the event, hoping to get a closer look.

On one such instance, Tom got a little too close. He saw the villain first, Technotron, a master of advanced technologies and invention. Then he caught sight of a woman in tight spandex fighting him. He couldn’t quite make out which hero it was; he needed to find out.

He barely caught enough of a look to identify her, The Crimson Queen, before Technotron took out an odd device and aimed it at her. Tom tried to yell a warning, but the blast was too quick and widespread. It caught not only The Crimson Queen, but Tom as well.

He awoke a short time later. He thought he’d feel worse after being hit, but for some reason he felt the best he could ever imagine. The wind blew and he felt it on his skin -- he thought he was naked and tried to cover up, only to discover he was wearing a familiar spandex outfit. And he was not only wearing The Crimson Queen’s outfit -- he also had her body! Technotron must’ve hit them both with some sort of body swapping device he had invented!

He used The Queen’s speed to rush his own body to a hospital, then he received a call from a top secret agency for a briefing of the encounter. Tom quickly confessed everything.

The agency seemed to take the news quite calmly. They told Tom he would assume The Crimson Queen’s secret identity until they could figure out how to reverse the swap. Tom nodded, but was shocked when they revealed who The Queen really was -- Miss Reed, his high school biology teacher! As he put on her blouse and skirt, he couldn’t believe he was her! And, not only that, he was also a superhero beneath this conservative outfit!