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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Good Time

Wes didn’t intend to make a device that swapped around the brains of his neighbors, but that’s exactly what the device he intended did. After he pressed the button on the invention, Wes found himself in the overweight, middle aged body of his neighbor, Jeff. He rushed back over to his own home to find that another one of his neighbors, Allie, was now inside his own scrawny, nerdy body.

That left Jeff now being the only one of the three with no clue about what the heck was going on. He was just outside mowing the lawn because his wife had been nagging him to do it, and now he found himself over the fence in Allie’s body. His first thought was that he no longer had to worry about pushing the mower around; next, he realized he could have a real good time inside.

It didn’t take long before Allie returned to her home with Wes. She noted her body wasn’t outside anymore. Then she tried to get in to find the door locked. She rang the bell, and she knocked; Jeff wasn’t answering. He was very busy inside. After all, he hadn’t wanted to do chores because the big game was on. As long as he had Allie’s body, he could watch the whole thing without his wife yelling at him. He wasn’t about anyone spoil such a good time!

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