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Friday, April 3, 2020

Odd Jobs

When Derek first discovered the odd box that could transform his body into anyone else in the world with just a single photo, he didn’t know quite what to do with it. Then one day it hit him. For a sizable fee, he’d transform himself into anyone and do anything someone wanted (with some ground rules). His inbox quickly filled up with so many requests. He’d pick one out at random and schedule them. There were some ones that felt weird at first.

For instance, there was one guy who asked Derek to transform himself into an ex-girlfriend, then Derek had to pretend to marry the guy. The ceremony was elaborate, the guy’s family was there, the food was good. The whole thing actually ended up making Derek smile. He enjoyed being the center of attention, and he literally had a good time.

In hindsight, Derek realized the guy probably had sinister motivations. There was photo and video evidence that a woman who looked EXACTLY like his ex-girlfriend married him. Maybe he used it in court or some other nefarious purpose to trap her. He tried not to think about the weird consequences of his business as he pulled out another name at random to earn another hefty fee.

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